Carepack is a series in particular developed for exporting (non-EU) which meets the technical demands required for the production of food packaging in offset printing.

These are low odour,low swelling and low migration.

Carepack inks are migration reduced regarding non-evaluated substances.Substances evaluated for food contact may principally set within legally accepted limits.this means that in contrast to -traditional-low migration systems,they show absorption and therefore a physical drying .Typographically they are therefore clearly superior to the classical low migration systems.Crepack offers the technical and sensory conditions also for the production of primary food packaging.However, the controlling of the conformity of the complete packaging lies with the print shop.

The requirement of scent reduction calls for binding agents which do not comply with the common demands for rub resistance.Therefore dispersion varnishing is strictly necessary for all printing jobs with Carepack.

Properties :
Low odour : yes 
Low swelling : yes 
Low migration : yes 

All requirements towards total migration (<60 ppm) as well as the specific migration (<10 ppb) for non- evaluated substances can be fulfilled.

Free of mineral oil : yes
Setting : yes 
Disperion Varnishing : yes 

The obligation for controling the conformity of the packaging and the suitable packaing structure lies with the print shop.

Fastnesses :
                                      Item          Light     Transp.   Spirit   Nitro   Alcali
Carepack Yellow      2900CP01       5            +             +         +          +
Carepack Magenta   4391CP01       5            +             +         +          -
Carepack Cyan         7019CP01       8            +              +          +          + 
Carepack Black         9CP001           8            -              +         +          +

+ property given - property not given

This technical instruction sheet is designed for your information and reference. It is based on and conforms to our current knowledge. However as actual application is affected by many factors over which we have no control, we are not liable for printing failures.